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  • The best pressure sensitive adhesive, long life, anti-yellowing, non-residue.
  • Optical TPU Protective Film, 9 years long lasting, reliable performance.
  • The creative super strong and durable coating technology for PPF.

Car Wrap Film

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  • Raw materials from Germany

    Guarantee of quality, good flexibility, anti aging, 5 years long durability.
  • Rigorous production process

    Products are harmless to car paint and able to be removed clearly.
  • German skills training team

    Full of experience, pursue perfect wrapping in details.

Product Images

More than 300 colors for you to choose

  • hot

    PET original paint metallic

    28 Color DISCOVER
  • Top

    PET Super Glossy (Scratch Resistant)

    1 Color DISCOVER
  • hot

    Super Satin Chrome

    2 Color DISCOVER
  • Super Glossy Liquid Metal

    5 Color DISCOVER
  • TPU

    1 Color DISCOVER
  • TPH

    2 Color DISCOVER
  • PVC

    1 Color DISCOVER
  • Glossy Metallic

    29 Color DISCOVER
  • Original Paint Metallic

    11 Color DISCOVER
  • Holographic

    11 Color DISCOVER

Car Wrap Images

Has many car brands, car wrap film gallery more than 300 colors

  • UC1000

    Cast TPU Ultra Glossy Snow White

  • UC1030

    Cast TPU Ultra Glossy Sunflower Yellow

  • UC1090

    Cast TPU Ultra Glossy Shadow Black

  • UC1010

    Cast TPU Ultra Glossy Ace Red

  • ORD3P

    Super Glossy Racing Orange(BMW)

  • ORH3P

    Super Glossy Venetian Purple (Audi)

  • ORE14P

    Super Glossy Hills Green (BYD)

  • ORE13P

    Super Glossy Verde Francesca (Ferrari)

  • ORG6P

    Super Glossy Azurite Black (BMW)

  • ORF0P

    Super Glossy Hills Green (BYD)


We are a Professional Car Film Manufacturer

IRISTEK has invented 30 series and more than 200 colors vinyl during 6 years developing. IRISTEK has built up excellent sales and service network with the valuable experience and outstanding human resources by constant products and market development. Multiple agencies and service centers were set up in the Middle east, Southeast Asia, Europe and so on.

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    Exposing the full process of IRISTEK car wrap training

    IRISTEK car wrap training in the first quarter of 2019 already finished about half a month, but the popularity value apparently is still not going away, there are many clients asked us the time arrangement and participatory way of next quarter; There’s also many curious people want to know our detailed teaching process, today I will tell you in secret.
    Read More December 31, 2021
  • Product news

    New color release: Aston Martin Iridescent Emerald

    In the Guangzhou International Auto Show in November 2018, Aston Martin launched a special model for the 70th anniversary of DB collection - DB11 Volante. When you see the light glinting off this baby, you won’t be able to move anymore. It’s color is known as Aston Martin's most beautiful green ever - Iridescent Emerald.
    Read More December 31, 2021
  • Company news

    IRISTEK & Chevrolet: Design your car, Design your color!

    Striking Blue Metallic (Porsche Taycan) and Crystal Metallic Cherry Red (911 Targa 4S Heritage Edition)...
    Read More December 17, 2021
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