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Become the partner of IRISTEK. Together we will cooperate sincerely and develop the great potential car wrapping market. IRISTEK shall support you as below.

Customers Resource Support

All of customers in the territory will be turned over to agent, including end consumers and resellers.

Promotion Support

Supply promotion information, showcase photos, even products stocking support.

Product Development Support

As per data analysis and the suggestions of agency, IRISTEK will develop new product and adjust product output and stock suitably.


Exhitibion Support

Exhibition sample support, such as display panel, IRISTEK catalogues, A4 samples, various samples of different size etc.


Marketing Analysis Support

IRISTEK marketing department and sales department support the customer data and analysis report in the territory per quarter. In addition, IRISTEK also supports product and order data with analysis report per quarter to provide references for sales and stocks in the territory, such as order quantity, order frequency, hot products and so on.


Technical Training Support

IRISTEK supplies the pictures and videos of technique teaching & Online technical support. 7 days face to face training once a year is also available.