New color release: Aston Martin Iridescent Emerald

Product news December 31, 2021 IRISTEK

In the Guangzhou International Auto Show in November 2018, Aston Martin launched a special model for the 70th anniversary of DB collection – DB11 Volante. When you see the light glinting off this baby, you won’t be able to move anymore. It’s color is known as Aston Martin’s most beautiful green ever – Iridescent Emerald.

Under the sun, a touch of noble gold reflects the emerald green, which makes such color become elegant and dignity. Imagine, how can such a car not attract people’s attention when coming on the road?

Such a beautiful color, IRISTEK certainly bring it to the car wrap film. Stocks are already available since beginning of 2021.

Color: Super Glossy Iridescent Emerald (Aston Martin)
Code: ORE8P

It turns out that this is a perfect matching color for many advanced car models.