Exposing the full process of IRISTEK car wrap training

Company news December 31, 2021 IRISTEK

IRISTEK car wrap training in the first quarter of 2019 already finished about half a month, but the popularity value apparently is still not going away, there are many clients asked us the time arrangement and participatory way of next quarter; There’s also many curious people want to know our detailed teaching process, today I will tell you in secret.

In order to let more clients who want to improve the wrapping skill or enter car wrapping industry to understand more professional skills, IRISTEK established car wrapping training center in June 2018, the clients can master the complete process of wrap IRISTEK car wrap vinyl and TPU PPF by systematic training program to achieve the level of fully understand and can operate independently. Of course, you have to often practice it can master all skills.

Below are internal training process:)

Day1: Learning to understand tools/ practicing knife skills/ pre-process of the car/ car body measurement

Day2: Learning to wrap angles, edge, front fender and car door

Day3: Learning to wrap car bonnet, roof and rear fenders

Day4: Learning to wrap fifth door and rear bumper

Day5: Learning to wrap front bumper

Day6: Learning to wrap side mirror, door handle and shark fin

Day7: Reviewing methods and learning to wrap PPF

And most of all, IRISTEK hired a professional technician who have more than 7 years experience to wrap car wrapping film and PPF in particular for spot teaching, the teaching style is also interesting.